Speaking Engagements

I've spoken at a few events and have always enjoyed public speaking. You can check out a talk I did at SXSW in 2022 below:

“Why Relying on Full Time Resource is Problematic in 2022” @ SXSW

And here's a talk I did at Microsoft in New York in 2017:

The Search Marketing Landscape Through The Lens of SEO

SEO & Design Projects

I've worked on a variety of different projects as a digital marketer. Here you will find a selection of those which have been particularly successful. I've included dates (particularly important in the world of SEO) and as much additional data as possible, but have anonymized client information in some instances or used data from 3rd party sources. 


Bespoke HTML + CSS
Web Design
Setup Ecommerce Tracking

The Gin Journey is a nightlife experience exploring the wonderful world of Gin and its rich history throughout the UK. Leon Dalloway, owner of the Gin Journey, approached Lavall Marketing towards the beginning of 2016 as the business was in need of a new web presence that would provide more flexibility and stability than the previous ASP.NET MVC framework.

A fully customizable WordPress template was chosen as being most apt for the project which would then allow simple content changes to be made by Leon and his marketing team. New pages were built by Lavall Marketing for each of the four UK locations as well as profiles for each of the Gin Guardians who run the tours. 

Gin Journey was also moved to EventBrite to facilitate sales and promotion and ecommerce tracking was setup by Lavall Marketing to ensure that users were monitored from point of entry to point of sale to allow total visibility on the bottom line of the business.


In addition to the web development and ecommerce tracking, we also worked on ensuring the site was setup optimally for SEO by focusing on the following areas:

  • Clean simple URL structure and internal linking
  • Keyword targeting focused on ensuring a ready audience were presented with exactly the content they needed
  • Comprehensive title, headers and other on page elements
  • Increased number of pages ensuring adequate semantic keyword targeting within this niche

The Results

The below is a screengrab from 3rd party website SEMrush (affiliate link) and shows the progress for estimated organic clicks to ginjourney.com from google.co.uk. The site was launched in November 2016 and as you can see, our rankings and clicks increased following the launch date:

Gin Journey Traffic Increase
Increased Traffic

Traffic to the site increased by 142% year over year

Increased Revenue

Increased traffic has resulted in greatly increased sales volumes